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Managersim - best football manager game on the planet

ManagerSim is a football (soccer in some parts of the world) management simulation game. As a football club manager, you buy and sell players, set up tactics, handle the economy and a whole lot more. The truly novel piece of ManagerSim is that you play against hundreds of other human managers in the same Game World.

Each Game World is a simulation of the European football scene. As many as 50 European countries are represented - some Game Worlds have more countries than others do. At the moment, about 900 teams and 39000 players exist in the smaller GameWorlds. Apart from divisional matches and national cups, Champions League, UEFA Cup, even Toto Cup (known as "Inter-Toto Cup") matches are played; in addition, you can schedule friendly matches with other teams. National team management is not possible, but international games are played and players called up to national team.

ManagerSim is an online web-based game, played through your browser; no software is needed. In fact, you can play it from any* computer, so long as it is connected to the Internet.

During your online session, you can make alterations to your team, send messages to other managers, apply for jobs etc. You then wait for the game tick, after which you can see the effect of your decisions. Some actions will happen between game tick, such as incoming messages from other managers and occasionally from your own players or staff at the club where you manage.

Success is measured subjectively. Clearly, winning national and European championships and cups is one measure. Others include rising in the manager rankings, improving the status of a poor teams and / or achieving success in weaker countries.

Since changes made to the game a few years back, failure is usually a case of achieving relegation / mediocrity, although if you don't handle your economy sensibly, bankruptcy will usually end in the sack which is, by most people's standards, a fair measure of failure.

* Beware using a computer with the same I.P. address as another manager. This may include other people using the same computer network as you at school, university, library, internet cafe etc. You may end up being accused of cheating. See the rules.

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Berhan Karagoez
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GameTick is one of the features of ManagerSim that most differ from the "Football Manager" computer programmes that have been around since the 1980s.

Consequently, if you're new to ManagerSim, you'll probably find the concept a little odd. It's actually a very simple concept.


GameTick can loosely be translated as "update".
Each ManagerSim GameWorld "ticks" several times each day. The number of daily ticks is different in each game.

During each tick, matches will be played and all of the data in the game will be updated, including the date in that GameWorld. Yes, that's right. The date...


ManagerSim is not played in real time, i.e. a day in real life does not equal a day in the game. The number of ticks per real life day varies from 1 to 6 and in demo world with 12 ticks. The number of ticks is set differently for each GameWorld... see below.

The date in your GameWorld changes because each time the game ticks, it will become either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday in the game. This means that three ticks will equal one week in the game.

You'll find it useful to know that:

National cup matches are played on Tuesdays.
International cup matches are played on Thursdays.
Home division matches are played on Saturdays.


As manager, you have the chance to amend your team set-up, apply for jobs, bid on players and do many other actions, but, as explained, the effect of much of what you have done is not seen until after the GameTick.

There are however some reactions which may happen during 'real time'. These include:

* Interaction with other managers, especially human managers
* Reports from some staff members at your club
* Response from players you are negotiating with


There are several Game Worlds in ManagerSim. Choose one or several that would suit you best.

The ticks are usually equally spaced through the 24 hours. Games with higher numbers of GameTicks move faster, which some managers find meets their needs. Others (perhaps those who cannot access a computer so often) will prefer GameWorlds with fewer ticks per day.


Once the tick begins, it can take some time to complete, usually 1 min ( Euro 2016 game world) or 10-20 mins ( the club management game worlds ). This seems to be dependent on the complexity of the tick, so an 'end of season' tick will take a bit longer time, and Game Worlds with more clubs and more managers in them will have longer ticks than others. Ticks can take as little as 1 minute, or as long as a 20 minutes.

Sometimes, Game Ticks seem to take days or weeks. Yes. Or even a year. Maybe a lifetime. This is because you forgot to change your team set-up before a big cup match, didn't improve your bid for the star striker you really, really needed, or did something else that's daft. I recommend looking at a watch. It will usually tell you that actually, it's not been that long.

More seriously, game worlds do occasionally suffer from technical problems and they seem most likely to occur whilst the tick is progressing. If it's not the end of the season and a tick has genuinely (i.e. you've looked at a watch) taken much longer than usual, it's worth checking the Facebook Group and Game Page to see if there's really a problem.

During the GameTick, you will not be able to play ManagerSim in that GameWorld.

So, whilst waiting for a [GameTick] to complete, how about catching up with the interaction in the Forums? Keep up to date with planned improvements or changes in ManagerSim, or give your opinion on a topic.



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