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Managersim - best football manager game on the planet

ManagerSim is a football (soccer in some parts of the world) management simulation game. As a football club manager, you buy and sell players, set up tactics, handle the economy and a whole lot more. The truly novel piece of ManagerSim is that you play against hundreds of other human managers in the same Game World.

Each Game World is a simulation of the European football scene. As many as 50 European countries are represented - some Game Worlds have more countries than others do. At the moment, about 900 teams and 39000 players exist in the smaller GameWorlds. Apart from divisional matches and national cups, Champions League, UEFA Cup, even Toto Cup (known as "Inter-Toto Cup") matches are played; in addition, you can schedule friendly matches with other teams. National team management is not possible, but international games are played and players called up to national team.

ManagerSim is an online web-based game, played through your browser; no software is needed. In fact, you can play it from any* computer, so long as it is connected to the Internet.

During your online session, you can make alterations to your team, send messages to other managers, apply for jobs etc. You then wait for the game tick, after which you can see the effect of your decisions. Some actions will happen between game tick, such as incoming messages from other managers and occasionally from your own players or staff at the club where you manage.

Success is measured subjectively. Clearly, winning national and European championships and cups is one measure. Others include rising in the manager rankings, improving the status of a poor teams and / or achieving success in weaker countries.

Since changes made to the game a few years back, failure is usually a case of achieving relegation / mediocrity, although if you don't handle your economy sensibly, bankruptcy will usually end in the sack which is, by most people's standards, a fair measure of failure.

* Beware using a computer with the same I.P. address as another manager. This may include other people using the same computer network as you at school, university, library, internet cafe etc. You may end up being accused of cheating. See the rules.

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ManagerSim Rules

General Rules

1. Any bugs or quirks in the game you discover MUST be reported to the GM; anyone who tries to gain benefit for his team will be dismissed from the beta without appeal. The manager's clubs will be fined 50% of the cash in their accounts. Anyone who uses anything that goes against the natural progression of the game engine will suffer the same fate.

2. People sending abusive material of any kind to any other person in ManagerSim will be swiftly removed from the game. This includes bad or offensive language or comments, political or religious arguments, and especially any type of bigotry or racism. This includes all public and private forms of communication in the game. Offensive material should be reported to either the forum moderator or your GM.

Game Rules

The most important and complicated rules in ManagerSim deal with the transfer market, because that is the part of the game where the majority of cheating occurs. Be very careful to make sure the transfers you make in ManagerSim are legitimate or you may be penalised. Punishment can range from a mere warning to having your account deleted.

NOTE: If you have ANY questions whatsoever, or for any reason just want to make sure your transfer is legal, email your GameMaster (GM). This will save any possible problems; the GM will tell you right away if your transfer is legal. If it is not, you can avoid the deal and hence avoid punishment. This cannot be stressed enough, as countless past punishments could have been avoided by a quick one-minute email to a GM.

1. You cannot, under any circumstances, engage in a transfer deal with another manager using the same PC as yourself. It would also be wise to avoid trading with someone on the same network as yourself. Email the GM with any questions you might have about this BEFORE you complete a transfer deal.

2. Using more than one logon (or holding multiple accounts) is not permitted.

3. If there are one or more equal high bids for a player, you must have a valid reason for dropping one of those bids. Without a valid reason (such as the manager having a bad reputation or managing a competing team in your division), ALL managers with the equal high bid must be allowed to negotiate contracts with the player.

4. Finally, ALL decisions by the GMs are final, and all discussions with the GMs should be done by private email, and not in the forums. Any and all posts in the forums that violate this will be immediately deleted by the GM (in-game) or the forum moderator (in the main forum). All questions, problems, or complaints should be sent in-game to your GM via private mail.



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