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Managersim - best football manager game on the planet

ManagerSim is a football (soccer in some parts of the world) management simulation game. As a football club manager, you buy and sell players, set up tactics, handle the economy and a whole lot more. The truly novel piece of ManagerSim is that you play against hundreds of other human managers in the same Game World.

Each Game World is a simulation of the European football scene. As many as 50 European countries are represented - some Game Worlds have more countries than others do. At the moment, about 900 teams and 39000 players exist in the smaller GameWorlds. Apart from divisional matches and national cups, Champions League, UEFA Cup, even Toto Cup (known as "Inter-Toto Cup") matches are played; in addition, you can schedule friendly matches with other teams. National team management is not possible, but international games are played and players called up to national team.

ManagerSim is an online web-based game, played through your browser; no software is needed. In fact, you can play it from any* computer, so long as it is connected to the Internet.

During your online session, you can make alterations to your team, send messages to other managers, apply for jobs etc. You then wait for the game tick, after which you can see the effect of your decisions. Some actions will happen between game tick, such as incoming messages from other managers and occasionally from your own players or staff at the club where you manage.

Success is measured subjectively. Clearly, winning national and European championships and cups is one measure. Others include rising in the manager rankings, improving the status of a poor teams and / or achieving success in weaker countries.

Since changes made to the game a few years back, failure is usually a case of achieving relegation / mediocrity, although if you don't handle your economy sensibly, bankruptcy will usually end in the sack which is, by most people's standards, a fair measure of failure.

* Beware using a computer with the same I.P. address as another manager. This may include other people using the same computer network as you at school, university, library, internet cafe etc. You may end up being accused of cheating. See the rules.

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#1 Re: General Talks » In-game forum » 2016-05-19 21:55:24

I liked the old forum much more.
This forum  feels so "not part of the game "
Older forum was more visited.
It feels like  time has stopoed when visiting this forum..

#2 Re: General Talks » Team has decided to drop negotiations » 2016-05-19 21:46:45

Personally I think there are some issues with transfers.
Teams with 48 plus players still able to buy players, this is crazy .
Look at Inter for example....
No message from board  "we have to many players"?
Isn't there a cap or something?
Would be damn nice to sell players first and then buy if you reach certain ammount players in squad.
I qualify this as bad management and defiantly a broken transfer system.
What about morale, unhappy players and match performance  etc etc
And yet they play CL final?

Other teams get rejected when  trying to buy players from cpu , even if tthe cpu have enough players in squad.
While managers try to sell players, they get a  msg from board "we have to little players in squad"

#4 Re: General Talks » Feedback on latest release, 2016-03-31 » 2016-04-03 22:28:27

I have players losing 8 stamina that played 1 match a week....
Guys went from 99 stamina to 91 in 1 match.

Have my players always on  fitness training.
match preperation just 1 tick.
1 div match played.

So on average it will reduce for every training session +- 3 stamina and for the match about 3 also.
Match, 3 stamina loss
Fitness 2 or 3 stamina loss
Match preperation 2 or 3 stamina loss.

Sounds a bit much stamina loss as they do have fitness training to keep them fit.
Or players will recover faster/more when rested?

No clue if it's good or bad..

#5 Re: General Talks » Feedback on latest release, 2016-03-31 » 2016-04-01 10:00:53

Players with red card are not shown at  squad selectionary screen
You can field them without knowing  they can't play upcoming match due red card.
The red card does show athe  player abilities screen tho.

Now I can see red card players at the squad selection screen..
Did you fix it or was  I blind lol

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