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Challenge One

GameMaster for ´Challenge One´ is Paul Skelton

  • Monthly UPDATE, May 23 2022

    I M P O R T A N T

    While the game is truly free for all, the [ Gold Members / Sponsors ] will be given some perks, such as:
    - Easier Board, not firing you as quickly as the non-sponsor managers.
    - More generous sponsorship upon joining a new club.

    One team per sponsor, ie it is no longer possible to split sponsorship between teams. We have removed the part that will set
    the manager level back to lvl 5, so it's free game where sponsors can access premium game worlds and get the above
    mentioned perks, while there are no penalties for non-sposors other than access to premium worlds (soon ).

    Not sure how how to play the game? Start here...
  • Wanted
    Help with running the show We are going to update a lot of the software for the game, and We would be looking for
    people who would like to contribute with scouting, basically Editing team data.

    One person / country at a time. Please let me know if you either:
    1) can work with data or
    2) can program small apps (win 32/64) for different tasks.
    3) anything else to help the game getting promoted, advertising, marketing community management etc.
    4) small graphics improvements

    There will be small money rewards in some of the cases, mail BK for details.
  • Older Releases
    MINOR RELEASE December 2016

    ✓ Wage change, making the best players demanding more money for their services
    ✓ The ambitious players gaining one extra point ( on friendly games ) of total experience
    ✓ The red cards are punishing the team more than before
    ✓ Small tuning of the stamina calculations, so the stamina disadvantage will be triggered bit more often
    ✓ Increased revenue from sponsorship and merchandise

    [ 2016-09-22 ] MAJOR RELEASE

    This is by far the biggest release I've done and I think the biggest release ever done on this game ever, so here are some things:

    ✓ Personnel Costs introduced
    Personnel costs, depending n club level and country, the costs for chairman plus office staff has been introduced,
    that will be deducted weekly!!

    ✓ Ground Maintenance
    Sunday, Ground maintenance costs for cleaning added, based on country economy, max £1/seat.

    ✓ Taxes on weekly profit
    1M, 5% taxes
    >2M, 10% taxes
    >5M, 25% taxes
    >10M, 50% taxes

    ✓ Variable contract lengths, Contract lengths, are now based on player age, those are the valid options:
    * 15 - 18 years old: 6, 9 and 12 months
    * 19 - 22 years old: 12, 18, 24 months
    * 23 - 30 years old: 24, 36, 48, 60 months
    * 31 - 34 years old: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 months
    * 35 - 99 years old: 6, 9, 12 months

    ✓ MoneyBalancer - Club Running costs budget set by board, depending on club level and country.

    ✓ Building new stadium - better feedback that you are building a new stadium and not increasing the capacity when chosen to build a new stadium.

    ✓ Board is more strict now, will tolerate less mistakes.

    ✓ Sponsorship offered when manager joins a new club has been reduced to half of what it used to be.

    ✓ Interesting changes to make player discovery from smaller leagues more fun. Soon you will find good
    cheeper players in other leagues than the usual Italy, Spain, England, Germany, and France. Scouts could be useful.

    ✓ Club level indexing, has been adjusted so it takes manager levelpoints into account. For example, if two team have
    similar player quality and similar achievements, the team who has the better manager will rank higher. Small change but
    it could sometimes mean the difference in one level gained or lost.

    ✓ When a player is injured, he will lose more form, stamina and morale so it could take longer to get the player in shape.
    Previously, player lost a point or two for not playing (if he was healthy), basically he could be out for weeks and then get back to perform as well as he used to. Now it will take longer to get his shape back up.

    ✓ Fitness and Scrimmage games work slightly different now. Fitness is all about getting players form and stamina up,
    Scrimmage games is all about optimizing your team to play optimally on match day. They both have costs, so pay attention.

    ✓ Younger players has improved chance of gaining extra experience when playing scrimmage games, this is where team average age comes into play.

    ✓ Match Engine, players with Ambition, CoopLevel and Willpower (all 3 hidden skills) get small bonus on match day. This is all about players not maybe look like the best players but do well in games anyway.
    To spot those players you need to read match reports well and consider the player ratings. Very marginal thing but football is all about margins sometimes.

    ✓ Send unhappy players on paid vacation to gain some morale and happiness.

    ✓ Number of players you can interact with (fine/reward) is 5 + few more based on manager level and club level per tick.

    ✓ Psychological aspect of the game, player can sometimes play more nervously on away game. Especially if they are leading the table and are facing a weaker team.

    ✓ Visual changes here and there.

    [ 2016-04-24 ] PATCH

    ✓ Squad page, to correctly show red card information, there was a small bug
    ✓ Youth players, red/green numbers, this is rolled back, it will function as before
    ✓ Match Preparation training is all about preparing your players for best match performance

    [ 2016-04-11 ] PATCH & minor visual change

    ✓ Squad page, to correctly show red card information
    ✓ Team abilities page, selected number of stars, bigger club = more stars listed
    ✓ National team abilities page, number of maximum listed stars is 10

    [ 2016-04-06 ] Code change

    ✓ Manager Ranking list, display manager points
    ✓ Human player list, graphical enhancements
    ✓ Manager profile, more detailed milestones in career

    [ 2016-03-31 ] MAJOR RELEASE

    This release is rather things that happen in the background/game AI/engine/logic etc than visual one.
    There are visual changes too, such as player detail, matchreport, squad, strategy pages, and so on...

    ✓ Improved manager ranking and levelling
    Rankings and levelling can increase and decrease. Based on club you manage, you will gain/lose more on higher level
    club and less when at smaller clubs. This means managing higher level clubs has become harder and board will fire
    managers for refusing to listen to critique. For optimal gains and levelling up, managers should always try managing
    clubs of higher levels when possible.

    ✓ Ask coaches about player
    You can ask your coaching staff to compile a report on a player at your club. Any of the coaches will get back to you
    with his opinion on the player to aid in your decision process.

    ✓ New training option: Match Preparation
    The teamwork as training has been replaced by [ Match Preparation ]. This option will prepare your players for maximum
    gains of skills and prepare your players for match.

    ✓ Recording Manager of the month
    Manager of the month is now being recorded to better measure manager success. It is seen under manager history.

    ✓ Quickly autoselect squad
    Ask assistant to help you selecting squad.

    ✓ Number of allowed coaches depends on club stature ( level requirement )
    The higher the club level is, the more coaches will be allowed by the board for hiring.

    ✓ Staff more active in assisting you in management
    The [ Do Nothing ] options for staff as orders have been replaced by other options so your coaches, physios and scouts
    will do their best to help you improve your squad.

    ✓ Scouts do more
    Scouts have been able to search by type and skill attributes of player, now they can also look for free players that can
    be interesting playing for your club.

    [ 2016-03-15 ] PROCEDURE

    ✓ The club levels were reindexed, based on team performance.
    ✓ Ticket price factors updated.
    ✓ Board tolerance updated to match the new levels.

    [ 2016-02-02 ] PATCH

    ✓ Easier free player contracting, even for smaller clubs.
    ✓ Youth player contracting, restriction by board.

    [ 2016-02-02 ] RELEASE

    ✓ "Move with ball" technique when setting up tactics
    For years we could only select one of the following: Longball, Passing, Direct Ball or Zoneplay.
    Now you can select a new technique for ball distribution.
    In essence it is the opposite of direct ball.

    ✓ Match win bonus
    The set win bonus was set to 0 after a non-friendly game. This has been altered so the bonus is removed only if the
    season has ended, so now you need to set the bonus only once per season.

    ✓ Introducing more costs
    Matches will have a cost associated with it, for home team it would be costs for maintenance and staff on match day,
    and travelling costs for the visiting team.

    ✓ Accepted bids auto-transfer player
    When bid is accepted, player is set on transfer list automatically.

    ✓ Higher number of out loaned players allowed
    You can now loan out higher number of players.

    ✓ Player Manager option
    If one of your players has the same name as you ( the manager ), you are then the player-manager.
    It means nothing but it is just a fun mini-feature.

    ✓ Easier signing of players on free transfer lists
    Free players will be less picky and not refuse contracts from any club when unemployed.

    ✓ Free transfer 2 players per day
    We could only kick out only one player per day, now you can release 2 during same day.

    ✓ Youth Academy optional
    You can have 0 to 15 players in the youth academy. The money you have to invest to open one more seat in the academy,
    is based on country economy. You will have to experiment a little bit to find out what reasonable investment levels are.
    Zero investment will stop all Academy production.

    ✓ Hide clubs bids on a player
    When dealing, clubs cannot see what others have bid on certain player. What determines the winning bid is highest bid that
    have exceeded minimum transfer fee and seller can still drop the non-BCC offers.

    ✓ More generous offers
    Teams will offer a higher figure for your players they are interested in.

    ✓ Graphics enhancements
    We will constantly try improving graphical elements on each release.

    [ 2015-10-18 ] RELEASE

    √ Ticket price setting - set ticket prices for league/cup games and international games ( UEFA & CL ).
    √ New Stadium building - you can build a stadium with size 20/40/60/80 thousand seats.
    √ Board investments - when moving to a smaller club, board will get sponsor money for you.
    √ Red cards in match - red cards in match will have a negative effect on performance.
    √ Experience matters - players experience will have a positive effect on performance.
    √ The BCC clause of contract details of other players than yours are hidden.
  • Currently working on
    - Comunity growth and introduction

    - GUI enchancements
    - Employees more interactive, better feedback from all employees
    - Employees getting overworked when not rested
    - Physios phys. tests on players to determine future gains
    - Employees talking to players for morale improvements
    - App development